Get ready to buy legal marijuana in Seattle at high noon Tuesday

By Jake Ellison

James Lathrop poses at the counter of his soon-to-be state-licensed, I-502 retail store Cannabis City. The store is located in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle and is expected to be among the first 15 to 20 stores licensed on Monday, July 7, 2014, by the Liquor Control Board. Cannabis City will be open to sales at noon on Tuesday, July 8, 2014, though you'll want to get in line early.


The first two-gram package of legal marijuana will be sold in Seattle at noon on Tuesday, says James Lathrop, owner of Cannabis City, which is expected to be the first state-licensed store to open in Seattle.

Who will buy the first package of voter-approved marijuana? Whoever is first in line, Lathrop said. So, if that’s going to be you, you’ll need to show up a little early.

Cannabis City, located at 2733 Fourth Ave S., should be one of 15 to 20 retail outlets licensed by the Liquor Control Board on Monday. Once the store has the license, the owner can seal a deal with a grower — and 24 hours later (a holding time set by the board), stock the shelves with legal weed. That’ll be Tuesday.

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  • Mark Nordsletten

    It’s not enough of a step in the right direction. Passing I502 was the right thing to do. Any improvement away from our existing prohibition laws is an improvement. That said, I502 is plagued with flaws. It significantly hinders our ability to effectively move towards fewer authoratative restrictions and controls related to marijuana. As much as I want to I’m not buying anything from James or any other store. Big crowds, long lines, limited supplies, lack of locations, a media circus, high anxiety, and high prices are the very things marijuana helped us avoid. The initial cost of marijuana is going to be astronomical. $20-$25 per gram?! It isn’t even affordable at $10/gram! And because of the strict controls placed on the market, in combination with our inability to grow our own, we have no solution, no way to improve our situation, and we have no marijuana. Even once supply catches up with demand the price won’t have reached an acceptable level. Regardless of “expert” opinions about how much it costs to grow your own… Citizens need the ability to grow their own marijuana should they choose. These problems aren’t something that we just learned. Myself and others have said this for years. And Laws, once passed, aren’t set in stone. Laws need to be improved and bad ones need to be changed. Yet, none of our elected officials have done this. And the ones that have are in it for the tax dollars. Legalizing marijuana is the right thing to do. Legalization isn’t legitimized by the tax revenue it will generate for the government. Legalization is justified because marijuana prohibition is immoral, wrong, and should be illegal. The harm it has and continues to cause is reprehensible! I wish I could obtain marijuana in a way that I can afford, am comfortable, and satisfied with. But because of someone other than myself I continue not having marijuana. And that really sucks.