Jack Herer – Emperor of Hemp

  • Oliver Steinberg

    Until we win the right to grow our own cannabis without license or restriction, and until we secure complete pardons, amnesty, and expungement of criminal records for present and past prisoners of weed, Jack’s work will be unfinished. Do not be sidetracked by limited short-term victories–all of which may be reversible! Remember Jack Herer, and as Jack himself would say, Remember Capt. Ed Adair . . . and stay dedicated to the cause of freedom and justice that gave the highest purpose to their lives.

  • medMUser

    Jack Herer. A hero to me. The Emperor of Hemp. He was dressed in truth & cloaked with the love of millions of us activists. Activists who were greatly helped with the information in Jack’s great book.

    I also echo & give 20 thumbs up to Oliver’s post. We The People need to be free. The work of Mr. Herer has been a gold mine of information & gave me a basis for research on my small scale so I could share on many websites what he revealed in his book, the Emperor Wears No Clothes.

    Thank you Jack!! You are greatly missed. Thank YOU as well Mrs. Herer for continuing the work of your heroic husband. You, Dear Madam, are also a great hero. Takes a lot of strength to buck the Industrial Cannabis Prohibition Complex. A complex built on lies, greed & fear based lying propaganda.

    Thanks to Jack & now you Mrs. Herer, we are slowly turning the tide of lies that are the basis for cannabis prohibition.


    • Jeannie Herer

      Thank you so much. I wish everyone would read Jack’s book and learn the truth. We could be living in paradise right here on Earth.