Making houses out of mushrooms

By Golda Arthur


Buildings made from natural resources are challenging conventions in design


Much of the construction industry depends on fossil fuels, creating a big carbon footprint. As pressure mounts to make construction “greener”, experts have started to design houses out of hemp and straw, and bricks made of mushrooms.


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  • medMUser

    “Much of the construction industry depends on fossil fuels,…”

    Some one is way behind the times. Some years back, Russian & Ukrainian scientists found that oil is not from fossils & is renewed deep in the earth.

    The search is easy. Look for

    The Peak Oil Myth

    & go from there.

    The research the Russian & Ukrainians did is what led to Russia becoming a big oil player.

    I am not against finding new ways to build stuff. Adobe blocks with a touch of cement works very well as does compacted soil bricks, also with a touch of cement.

    I see the man made global warming scare as another frontal excuse for more control over the people & an even bigger govt. Govt is almost always the problem & very seldom the answer.