Marijuana Emerging As An Election Issue




Traditionally, candidates for elected office have shied away from discussing marijuana, seeing it as a marginalized, third-rail issue that’s dangerous to touch. This year, however, more politicians have noticed that a growing number of voters actually support marijuana reform. A record number of candidates have decided that taking positive positions can help, and won’t hurt, at the ballot box.


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  • If you elect Republicans you will kill the Marijuana revolution happening in the United States today.

    Republicans are all about mandatory minimums and Private Prison systems. They are not have have never been about your liberties or freedoms even though that was the the language they have used since WWII. It is a lie.

    Don’t get me wrong the Democrats are truly gutless or Cannabis would already be legal in all 50 states, however they are the most flexible.

    DO NOT vote for a Republican is you are interested in Cannabis in this nation. DO NOT…

  • Marcine Cohen

    No, if you elect Rand Paul (R) for President, then prohibitionist politicians will be legislatively mandated, to hang from a hemp noose, as soon as 2017.