Pot Prohibitionist at CPAC Says He Is ‘Fighting Against the Tide’



Yesterday The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball attended a debate about marijuana legalization at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and came away convinced that critics of the war on drugs are ascendant within the conservative movement. The debate pitted conservative blogger and Fox News commentator Mary Katharine Ham against Christopher Beach, a producer for former drug czar Bill Bennett’s radio show. Ball reports that the discussion “turned out to be surprisingly one-sided,” with the audience, or at least the most vocal parts of it, overwhelmingly in favor of legalization, the position taken by Ham. Ball acknowledges that CPAC skews young and libertarian, but she says Beach told her he typically gets a hostile response when he defends prohibition in the company of fellow conservatives. “There used to be a strong conservative coalition opposed to drugs, but it’s dissipated in the face of mounting public support for legalization,” Beach say. “We’re fighting against the tide on this.”


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  • medMUser

    What the ‘tide’ is: A nation that to a growing degree is no longer supportive of the war on some drugs. People are war weary, especially when our govt is waging a lost war against our own citizens.

    It’s not only re-legalization of cannabis. It’s also about the increase of botched raids where cops kill innocents at the wrong address. It’s the WOD excuse for police militarization , the deaths caused by cartel & gang turf wars. People are very tired of this attack on the US Bill of Rights.

    More of us are becoming educated about cannabis & industrial hemp. We are aware that for decades our govt been lying to us about marijuana. And a LOT of other things…


  • MIchael

    This is absolutely the way of the future without question. Any politician or individual that doesn’t understand that is dead from the neck up and their political career is at its end.
    If you are a conservative your position should have been and very much should be for the freedom and liberty of cannabis and all its uses.

    Any conservative or Republican that still supports prohibition is so far out of touch with the American people they shouldn’t be allowed to pass legislation or lead our people in any county, state, or federal positions. That time has passed and is OVER.

    .Republicans need to get out of their own way, accept defeat and rejoice in the will of the people..

    If anybody sees this comment make sure the goofy losers in the Georgia State Legislation gets a copy of it. These Republicans in the Georgia state legislature are nothing more than a belly laughing joke incapable of coherent thought here in the South.
    Republicans all over this country had better climb on board loudly with support or you will feel our wrath. The barn door is open and the horse has left the building.

  • medMUser

    I am a conservative Libertarian. I dropped the R half of the Big Govt ‘party’.

    Don’t forget, it was a Dem who deceived Congress & the Public about cannabis & manipulated Congress into passing cannabis prohibition. It was a Dem POTUS who signed the bill into law.

    Beware I’d say, of getting caught in the so called ‘two party’ dialectic. Dems are far worse that Repubs. But the dumb buckets in the RNC are catching up.

    Your ho=rse is nothing compared to the wrath that will come because of 0care, over reaching govt mandates & controls, excessive taxation & regulation, 0’s cronyism, over spending, the 17 TRILL debt that 0 is 65% responsible for…and little has been done by R;s to stop the mess.

    Bush was in on it & 0 took over where GW left off, though the take down of the US didn’t start with either of these 2 useful idiots.

    Read Rules For Radicals & Cloward And Piven Strategy & Tthe Creature From Jekyll Island. That’s a good start.

    I am FOR the RE-legalization of cannabis & hemp. But there are much more pressing issues that also need our attention. Partisan politics will only hinder because that means you are trapped by & stuck in a false premise.

    Not attacking or belittling. Just tryin to getcha to think deeper that the ‘two party’ thing. Thanks.

    SamFox medMUser