R.I.P. James Garner — a fan of marijuana and legalization


Actor James Garner is shown in character as "Bret Maverick" on the set of his television show, in this April 13, 1982 file photo taken in Los Angeles, Calif. Actor James Garner, wisecracking star of TV's "Maverick" who went on to a long career on both small and big screen, died Saturday July 19, 2014 according to Los angeles police. He was 86. Photo: Wally Fong, AP

James Garner is shown in character as “Bret Maverick” on the set of his television show, in this April 13, 1982. Photo: Wally Fong, AP


James Garner — one of America’s most iconic actors whose work in the 1950s TV Western “Maverick” and then “The Rockford Files” created two of popular television’s memorable characters — died on Sunday.

And, if his memoir “The Garner Files” can be relied upon, he likely had a puff or two of cannabis on his way down his last dusty trail.

From his memoir:

“I started smoking marijuana in my late teens. I drank to get drunk but ultimately didn’t like the effect. Not so with grass. Grass is smooth. It had the opposite effect from alcohol: it made me more tolerant and forgiving. …

“I smoked marijuana for 50 years. I don’t know where I’d be without it. It opened my mind to a lot of things, and now it’s active ingredient, THC, relaxes me and eases my arthritis pain. I’ve concluded that marijuana should be legal and alcohol should be illegal. But, good luck with that.”

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  • medMUser

    Here is the comment I left at The SeattlePI:

    Gonna miss ole Jim. I really liked him in Maverick & The Rockford Files. Not to mention the movies…I like the sting operations Rocky pulled off best of all. He is one of my all time fave actors. Goodby Jimmy!!!

    I am a legal MMJ person. Never knew till now how Rocky felt about cannabis. Would have made no diff to me if I did or didn’t know.

    Some one said MJ is against fed law. Glad you mentioned that. I take it the poster is still stuck in Reefer Madness & has no clue WHY MJ was made illegal. Hint: It was prohibited based on lies, greed, fear & deception. MJ was never proven dangerous though the lies were thick & heavy. The Dem perps behind prohibition were not after the smoked version. They were after non-psychoactive hemp…find out that history.

    You could find a LOT of true & very useful information at the Jack Herer website. Look for The Book there. Title: The Emperor Has No Clothes.

    In my mind I find it satisfying that Jim took to cannabis & left alcohol. That showed some smarts & wisdom on his part.

    I hope one of the satellite TV stations has a run of Maverick, The Rockford Files & Jim’s Movies. My DVR will be set if they do! 🙂