Reservations Can Grow and Sell Marijuana

By Alyssa Terry
By Alia Willson


The federal government gives the okay for tribes to grow and sell marijuana on reservations – even in states that have not legalized the drug.
But tribes in the Dakotas don’t seem interested in getting a jump on it. Just this year, the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council rejected a proposal to allow marijuana on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault says the tribe might consider marijuana’s cousin, hemp, but the federal government would have to allow interstate transport for it to be a profitable venture.
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  • Rae

    In a historic move, which may not even be realized yet, the Feds have handed the First Peoples of this land their Economic FREEDOM.

    They can now grow their own food, medicine, fiber… and every member has the opportunity to create things that the outside world WANTS. This is bigger than casinos. Way bigger.

    This is epic.