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Louisiana State University is looking for medical marijuana farmers

By The Associated Press LSU is seeking contractors to grow medical marijuana at an indoor facility near its Baton Rouge campus (G. Andrew Boyd, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune)   LSU will begin taking offers from contractors to produce marijuana for the state for medical purposes. The marijuana-growing operation is estimated to cost $10 million and […]

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Manitoba hemp processor doubles contracts

by Robert Arnason   After a year of reduced production, hempseed acres are poised to jump substantially this spring. Companies that contract hemp production and industry reps expect seeded acres to top 150,000, which could set a new record.   Full Article:  http://www.producer.com/2017/02/manitoba-hemp-processor-doubles-contracts/

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Sonoma State University to offer medical cannabis course

CYNTHIA SWEENEY   After about a year of discussions with a medical cannabis education organization, Sonoma State University will finally be offering its first course in medical cannabis in March.   Full Article:  http://www.sonomanews.com/news/6624281-181/sonoma-state-university-to-offer?artslide=0

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Undergraduate course on the ‘Physiology of Cannabis’ offered this spring at UC Davis

First undergraduate course in Physiology of Cannabis offered this spring at UC Davis. Courses for medical students and the general public are also planned.   A new undergraduate course on “Physiology of Cannabis” (HPH 115) will be offered at UC Davis this spring to raise awareness and understanding of how cannabis and cannabinoids affect the […]

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More Colorado businesses dropping pot from pre-employment drug tests

By DANIKA WORTHINGTON Kathryn Scott, The Denver Post Marijuana testing by Colorado businesses has slowly declined over the past two years as 7 percent dropped the drug from pre-employment tests while 3 percent removed it from all drug tests. Full Article:  http://www.denverpost.com/2017/02/03/colorado-business-pot-drug-tests/

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Board Rules in Favor of Insurance Coverage for Medical Marijuana

Human Rights Commission   An independent human rights board of inquiry has ruled that Gordon (Wayne) Skinner’s medical marijuana expenses are to be covered by his employee insurance plan. Mr. Skinner, of Head of Chezzetcook, Halifax Regional Municipality, argued that he faced discrimination in accessing insurance coverage based on his disability. Benjamin Perryman, the board […]

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Step Inside a House Made of Weed

CHARLOTTE JANSEN Photography by YAELI GABRIELY   Nestled on a quiet hillside looking out on the Mediterranean Sea, you’d never guess this house is made of cannabis. Israel’s first ever marijuana house, in the rural village of Ein Hod, is a 250-square-metre private villa built without cement: instead, the 35cm thick external walls are made […]

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Patients Are Ditching Opioid Pills for Weed

SARAH ZHANG Can marijuana help solve the opioid epidemic?   James Feeney, a surgeon in Connecticut, heard it from his patients. A few actually turned down his prescription for oxycodone, the popular opioid painkiller that has also gained notoriety with the opioid epidemic. His patients, Feeney recalls, would say, “Listen, don’t give me any of […]

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Utah House panel unanimously passes medical marijuana research bill

Dennis Romboy Adobe stock photo    Utah researchers would be able study cannabis for medicinal use without federal approval under a bill that unanimously cleared a House committee Monday. “This is the first step in what I think is the right policy direction for this state,” said Rep. Brad Daw, R-Orem, sponsor of HB130.   […]

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Meet the Nevada Politician with a Pot Strain Named After Him

DAN HERNANDEZ Tick Segerblom told us the story of his own strain, smoking weed on the White House roof, and more.   By now, Tick Segerblom has attended a lot of conferences where careful politicians frame their support for recreational marijuana use with a boilerplate disclaimer. I’ve never smoked marijuana, but…  Segerblom is different. A state senator who hails from downtown […]

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