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This Former DEA Agent Is Going to Work in the Marijuana Business

JORDAN WEISSMANN Patrick Moen former DEA agent, current pot entrepreneur. (Privateer holdings)      Patrick Moen is a 36-year-old former supervisor at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, where, until recently, he led a team based in Portland that fought methamphetamine and heroin traffickers. Now, he is embarking on a career change. A rather dramatic one. […]

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Video: Medical marijuana helps woman with cerebral palsy – Vote in the poll

by Shellie Nelson   A woman who suffers impairment from cerebral palsy says – and shows – smoking marijuana helps ease her symptoms. Jacqueline Patterson was featured in a documentary called, “In Pot We Trust,” which explores the politics and uses of medical marijuana. Patterson’s cerebral palsy causes problems with some of her physical coordination and […]

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NY approved medical marijuana law — then spaced on it

By Carl Campanile   Holy smoke! Here’s a little-known fact to give sick folks high hopes — New York already has a law on the books to dispense marijuana to cancer patients.   Full Article: http://nypost.com/2013/12/08/ny-approved-medical-pot-law-then-spaced-on-it/

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Message from Jack – 2/14/07

  Cannabis Hemp is the only known plant that can be grown from the Equator to the Arctic Circle and to the Antarctic Circle; from the mountains to the valleys, from the oceans to the plains, including arid lands and everywhere in between. Cannabis Hemp is the healthiest plant for the ground out of the […]

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Stoned Kids – Video

  Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, but there are still use cases that are very controversial, like medical marijuana for children. Some claim it’s a wonder drug for epilepsy, severe autism, and even to quell the harsh side effects of chemotherapy, while others decry pumping marijuana into still-growing […]

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Bill in House would legalize marijuana at federal level

By Justin King   Washington – House Resolution 499, currently buried in committee, would put an end to the federal prohibition of marijuana. The bill was introduced by Representative Jared Polis of Colorado. Full Article: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/363199#ixzz2maDtDB8Z

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Alabama – Rep. Mike Ball Works on Possible Bill for Cannabis Oil Legalization

by Megan Hayes   HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Representative Mike Ball is currently working on a rough draft of a bill that could help children suffering from epileptic seizures. Ball said that it won’t be a proposal that could open the door the legalization of marijuana, but it would call for the legalization of cannabis oil. The […]

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Mother Calls for Legalization of Cannabis Oil to Help Daughter’s Seizures

by Megan Hayes   MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — A Madison family is pleading for help for their 16 month old baby girl. Charlotte Dalton has seizures almost daily, some lasting almost an hour long. Now, her parents are trying to find a remedy that will help keep her calm, without the side effects of strong medication. […]

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Hemp – The ultimate cash crop, health food and environmental savior rolled into one

by: Carolanne Wright   (NaturalNews) A new ecovillage in Scotland has utilized an innovative material within its structures – namely, negative carbon hemp. While most environmentally progressive buildings strive for a carbon neutral rank, these houses take eco-friendly a step further, literally pulling carbon dioxide from the air. But smart building materials aren’t the only […]

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Stroke survivors could be given cannabis to reduce brain damage

By Nottingham Post   SCIENTISTS are considering running a trial which would see stroke survivors given the illegal class-B drug cannabis in a bid to reduce brain damage. The “exciting” research has been compiled by researchers at the University of Nottingham, who have pulled together research from around the world to suggest that ‘cannabinoids’ – chemicals […]

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