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Will The Hoosier State Legalize Medical Marijuana in 2017?

  Indianapolis, Ind (Indiana News Service) –  There’s been a sudden flurry of legislation in Indiana to reform the state’s marijuana laws. State Sen. Karen Tallian, D-Portage, has introduced a marijuana bill for the seventh straight year. Senate Bill 255 would create an an agency to work out details for allowing the use of medicinal marijuana. […]

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Hempcrete is non-flammable

  Hemp and Lime Wall…. Renewable and Sustainable! 4 hours under a flame at 650℃ ! It is 2℃ on the other side of the wall and without combustion. 100 years of life and compost able. https://www.facebook.com/oneplantisallweneed/photos/a.1511151172443141.1073741828.1504325956458996/1721537854737804/?type=3&theater  

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Oregon Company Plans Cannabis-Friendly RV Park

By The Associated Press   An Oregon company wants to build a cannabis-friendly RV park. A company that supplies warehouse space for marijuana growers is eyeing property near Lake Selmac in Josephine County. The park will be called Smoke on the Water, Grow Condos Chief Executive Officer Wayne Zallen said. If the project moves forward, […]

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Zone in downtown Eureka being considered for cannabis extraction businesses

By: Nazy Javid   EUREKA, Calif. – – The City of Eureka is considering zoning off an area for marijuana extraction businesses to exist. In the past, Humboldt County has had a problem with illegal hash oil lab explosions. The homemade labs can lead to fires when butane, one of the key ingredients, ignites. The […]

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Hemp: Could it be the future of farming?

Laura Peters , lpeters@newsleader.com   PORT REPUBLIC – Glenn Rodes is one of two hemp farmers in the state. It may seem a little out of place to have hemp on Rodes’s farm. He comes from a family of Mennonites and the surrounding farms have signs quoting scripture – common in most Mennonite farming operations. And Rodes has always […]

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American Legion Of Indiana Wants Medical Marijuana Legalized

By BARBARA BROSHER Photo: Barbara Brosher – Jeff Staker asks the Veterans’ Affairs committee to support his push for legalizing the use of medical marijuana. The American Legion of Indiana passed a resolution Sunday calling on Congress to recognize marijuana as a drug with medical value and asking Indiana legislatures to develop a medical marijuana […]

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Should Women Use Marijuana Products While Pregnant?

BY SHELBY HARTMAN Pregnant women often don’t feel comfortable being open about their marijuana use, though, because of legal risks. Teza Harinaivo Ramiandrisoa / Flickr In the earliest records of human civilizations dating back millennia, cannabis is described as a useful medicine for treating the ill effects of pregnancy. Accounts by physicians across cultures and generations corroborate […]

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The German parliament (Bundestag) passed a law on Thursday that officially makes marijuana legal for medicinal purposes.

DPA/The Local news@thelocal.de Photo: DPA When the law will be implemented in March, health insurance providers will have to cover the costs of cannabis used to treat, for example, pain or lack of appetite. Full Article:  https://www.thelocal.de/20170119/german-parliament-set-to-pass-medical-marijuana-bill

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Why the Addiction Recovery Community Should Accept Medical Marijuana

By Katie MacBride There’s still a long way to go for medical marijuana acceptance in the recovery community. Illustration by Ryan Casey   “A recovery support group should never give medical advice – but in any group, attitudes about these subjects will bleed into the general consciousness. These attitudes are shaped by our existing knowledge, […]

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Survey: Majority of Police Think Marijuana Laws Should Be Relaxed

By Curt Mills (JUANMONINO/GETTY IMAGES)   More than two-thirds of United States’ police officers think marijuana should be legal for either personal or medical use, a new survey finds. Pew Research Center surveyed nearly 8,000 officers nationwide, finding that 32 percent think marijuana should be legal for medical and recreational use, 37 percent believe the […]

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