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Early Grades For Growing Hemp In North Dakota Look Promising

By Associated Press The 70 acres planted this year were part of a pilot research project to determine whether the crop could be successful in North Dakota. © Farm Journal The North Dakota Department of Agriculture say early results for growing hemp look promising and the agency is seeking producers for the second year of planting. […]

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Thomas Jefferson University Receives $3 Million Marijuana Research Grant

Entrepreneur.com Image credit: John Greim | Getty Images   With a $3 million grant from Australian philanthropists Barry and Joy Lambert, Thomas Jefferson University has established a new medical center for cannabis education and research. The new facility, officially named The Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp, will become the first […]

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Study: Teen Marijuana Use Declining as More States Legalize

  As marijuana legalization expands throughout the United States, marijuana use by teens has either remained stable or decreased, according to the latest results of an annual survey from the National Institutes of Health.   Full Article:  http://www.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/122716-study-teen-use-marijuana-declining/

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Arizona court just made a huge ruling for MMJ cardholders accused of driving high

By The Associated Press This Arizona court ruling just made a huge move for MMJ cardholders accused of driving high. (Oliver Berg, AFP/Getty Images file)   An Arizona court ruling says medical marijuana cardholders accused of driving under the influence have options for showing in court that there wasn’t enough marijuana compound in their bodies […]

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Woman who prayed to die speaks out on miracle of cannabis

Lacey Darrow When Katie Donahue was about 8 years old she started noticing that something was wrong. The left side of her face wasn’t growing the same way the right side was. “W went to a couple of doctors and things like that but no one knew what it was,” said Donahue. Tired of being […]

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Germany Is Poised to Be a Powerful Cannabis Market

Marijuana Politics Staff   With a population of 80.6 million and nearly 140k square miles, the country of Germany is roughly 85% the size of California, and contains over double the population. As medical cannabis laws across Europe become liberalized and attitudes toward adult recreational use continue to soften, Germany is now poised to be […]

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A raincoat for our houses

by Chiara Cecchi Production line at the co-operative enterprise CAVAC Biomatériaux, France. Natural fibres processed into a continuous mat (biofib) – Martin Ansell, BRE CICM, University of Bath, UK   “Besides textiles, innovative natural fibre composite materials are a parallel field of the research on insulators that can preserve indoor air quality. These bio-based materials, such […]

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Institute of Cannabis Research Launches at CSU-Pueblo

By SHANNA LEWIS The new Institute of Cannabis Research opens at Colorado State University – Pueblo CREDIT COURTESY COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY – PUEBLO The new Institute of Cannabis Research at Colorado State University Pueblo recently launched with about $1.1 million in state and local funding. Ten CSU faculty from different departments will lead cannabis research […]

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States with medical marijuana laws have lower traffic fatality rates, study reports

Fredrick Kunkle (AP Photo/Seth Perlman) (Seth Perlman) States with medical marijuana laws have fewer traffic fatalities than those without, especially among younger drivers, a new study found. You would think crash rates might be higher, supposing that more drivers are, too. But, no. Researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health found an 11 […]

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Conn. Hospice to conduct medical marijuana research

Associated Pres   The nation’s first hospice plans to study how medical marijuana can help dying patients. Officials from Connecticut Hospice Inc. in Branford said Monday they hope to improve pain management while also reducing opioid use in palliative care. They also want to decrease nausea and vomiting while improving patients’ appetites and overall well-being. […]

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