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Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Moffett Goes on Record Supporting Industrial Hemp

rom Bloomberg (NY) Phil Moffett said Friday he’s willing to “go to the carpet” to legalize the production of industrial hemp in Kentucky. The Louisville businessman voiced support for industrial hemp in a question and answer session with libertarian voters in Lexington on Thursday and again Friday in an interview with The Associated Press. (Link […]

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Dane County Wisconsin to Vote on Medical Marijuana Referendum

by Phillip Smith, * Ballot Measures * Medical Marijuana * News Brief Voters in Dane County, Wisconsin, the home of Madison, the state’s capital and second largest city, will be asked if they support passage of a state medical marijuana law, and they might not be alone. A city councilman in River Falls last week […]

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Liquid Wood Could Cut Down On Use Of Plastics

A German company called TECNARO is responsible for manufacturing liquid wood. Liquid wood is an innovative material used to make a bioplastic that ismore eco-friendly than petroleum made plastics, which are non-biodegradable and can contain carcinogens and other toxic substances. The uses for TECNARO’s innovative bioplastic could save money, fossil fuels and other natural resources. […]

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California Legislature Passes Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

Just hours before the state’s legislative session ended Tuesday, the California Assembly voted to approve SB 1449, Sen. Mark Leno’s bill to fully decriminalize simple marijuana possession. The bill passed the Senate in June and now goes to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desk. The vote was 43-33 and largely along party lines. Democrats supported the bill […]

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In California, Pot Not Just for Stoners and Sick Anymore

As California voters prepare to decide in November whether to become the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use, a Field Poll reveals that weed already is deeply woven into society. By Peter Hecht SACRAMENTO, Calif. — John Wade, 43, a San Francisco commercial lighting specialist, takes a quick hit from a marijuana cigarette […]

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SOLEGEAR bioplastics offer bio solutions for high performancy, extremely durable products

by Susan Wilson SOLEGEAR offers bioplastics that range from 15 percent to 100 percent natural materials in two different lines – Traverse and Polysole biocomposites.  Traverse contains 15 to 60 percent natural materials and Polysole contains 100 percent natural materials and organic additives.  Both plastics offer a wider range of possible uses than current corn […]

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Germany to Approve Sativex, But Not Medical Marijuana

German press reports a couple of weeks ago carried headlines saying “Lawmakers Ready to Approve Medical Marijuana” and “Germany Plans to Legalize Medical Marijuana.” Those reports were incorrect, and so was the Drug War Chronicle story based on them, “Germany Legalizing Medical Marijuana.” (The title to that story, which we have since updated, now reads […]

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The Whole Hemp House

by Warren McLaren, Bundanoon, Australia All Photos: The Hemp Builder The house you don’t need to render, plaster, paint or insulate. The house with the building material that you can grow on one hectare (2.5 acres) of land. The same building material you can process yourself with standard machinery available at your hardware store. The […]

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Ease the pain, Mary Jane

Stick to the pipe, medical marijuana users: that’s the message from Canadian researchers who found that smoking even relatively low doses of cannabis can help reduce chronic pain, ease sleep and reduce anxiety. The findings were published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. For the study, 21 participants experiencing chronic neuropathic pain for at […]

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Marijuana effective in reducing pain, study shows

Caroline Alphonso A team of Montreal researchers has lent scientific credibility to the view that smoking marijuana can ease chronic neuropathic pain and help patients sleep better. People suffering from neuropathic pain often turn to opioids, antidepressants and local anesthetics, but those treatments have limitations and the side effects can be punishing. Many physicians and […]

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