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The real reason America should be in favor of legalization

The stigma of marijuana is a brick wall that our society needs to get past. Legalization is not so much about people wanting to get high; it is about the economy. People against legalization need to see the “big picture.” More than 70 years of anti-marijuana propaganda and prejudices have created generations of Americans who […]

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Strawberry fields forever

Munchies are a well-known effect of a marijuana high, but consuming food can often induce the same result. For medical marijuana patients looking to get their daily dosage without having to smoke, medicated edible products — or “medibles” — are a popular solution. Bill Prince, co-founder of Discreet Treats in Colorado Springs, says he joined […]

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Pot Arrests For African-Americans In L.A. County More Than Four Times That Of Whites

A look at booking stats for California’s 25 most-populated areas finds that in Los Angeles County African-Americans have a marijuana-possession arrest rate that’s 332 percent higher than that for whites. The report, “Targeting Blacks For Marijuana,” was released this week and found that across those 25 largest counties the pot-holding arrest rate for blacks was […]

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From my first day in Louisiana to report on the oil disaster in May, I heard complaints from residents and workers about BP’s restrictive hiring practices. While in general it was, and still is, difficult to get work from BP, one theme was common: many people were frustrated by BP’s drug tests. I heard several […]

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Many people have already seen the CNN documentary by Soledad O’Brien “Gary and Tony Have a Baby”. Those who have not seen the documentary yet will likely see it, as CNN practically goes out of its way to bring this touching story to millions of people around the country. The story is about two professional […]

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Pot Versus Alcohol: Experts Say Booze Is the Bigger Danger

For more than three decades, America’s marijuana policies have been based upon rhetoric. Perhaps it’s time to begin listening to what the experts have to say. Speaking privately with Richard Nixon in 1971, the late Art Linkletter offered this view on the use of marijuana versus alcohol. “When people smoke marijuana, they smoke it to […]

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Willie Nelson Has A Point On Pot

While he’s definitely not an advocate for the use of hard drugs, Willie Nelson is a big supporter of marijuana. He shares with Parade magazine, “Legalize weed. It’s 50% of what’s causing the problems along the border with the drug cartels. A lot of people who sell it want to keep it illegal because that’s […]

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A Letter From Eddy Lepp in Prison

Dear Ed and Angela, Thank you so much for caring, I can’t express how much it means to us. Linda works and is home after 6-7 in the evening and is looking forward to speaking with you, she was thrilled just to get your message. I have enclosed a series of books I have been […]

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Supplements for Celiac Disease

In the last article we examined the use of Neural Therapy for the treatment of Celiac Disease and Wheat Sensitivity. We learned that Neural Therapy is a treatment originally created in Europe that makes use of homeopathic medicines, B vitamins, and procaine injected into acupuncture points and scar tissue. It is a therapy that helps […]

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ACLU sues Walmart over worker's firing

Regarding Joseph Casias’ medical marijuana use BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (WOOD) – A chain store is being sued after an employee said he was wrongfully fired when he failed a drug test. Joseph Casias has a prescription for medical marijuana and says he uses it for pain from sinus cancer and an inoperable brain tumor he […]

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