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Medical marijuana: Boulder official says state can't defend moratorium

The Denver City Council amendment that essentially zoned Altitude Organic Medicine out of existence was fast-tracked due to what most observers interpret as a state moratorium on approving new medical marijuana businesses until July 2011. But Boulder assistant city attorney Kathy Haddock believes the legal language allegedly establishing this moratorium is so muddy that her […]

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Legalization of Marijuana a Civil Rights Issue?

July 8, 2010 /EIN Presswire/ — Some say the legalization of marijuana in the U.S. would help curb the horrific drug-cartel violence just over the border in Mexico. Others say legalizing marijuana is a way to raise much needed tax revenue, especially in currently economically challenged California. The head of the California NAACP, however, says […]

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More Than a Whiff is Needed

Smell of marijuana and the sight and smell of 20 air fresheners hanging from the top of the cab weren’t enough to justify warrantless search, court finds Michael Booth New Jersey Law Journal July 08, 2010 del.icio.us Digg Reddit Facebook Google Bookmarks Newsvine LinkedIn Mixx Stumbleupon Twitter Print Share Email Reprints & Permissions Post a […]

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LSU studying Marijuana's Influence on HIV

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — An LSU Health Sciences Center researcher has been awarded a $4 million grant for a five-year study on how cannabinoids, the principal psychoactive component of marijuana, can affect HIV patients. Dr. Patricia Molina will lead a team examining how the substance produces subtle changes in gene activity that can affect how […]

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Pot Prices Could Plummet

Posted by Bryce Crawford on Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 5:36 AM If California legalizes marijuana for personal use, prices for the drug could fall from an average of $375 per ounce, to as low as $38 per ounce, says a study from the nonpartisan RAND Drug Policy Research Center, and reported by the Associated […]

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Drug Bust Nets Leader of Big Island Marijuana Ministry

A two-year investigation led to the arrests of 14 people on the Big Island in connection with an alleged marijuana growing and distribution network. The leader of the group has openly said cannabis is a religion for him and that he’s proud to spread what he calls the sacrament. How he did it, though, appears […]

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Growing Pains

By PETER ROPER About 50 supporters of MediMar Ministries and other area medical marijuana centers came to an informal meeting Wednesday night with several members of City Council, who said they wanted public comment on whether to let city voters decide whether to allow marijuana centers in Pueblo. What they got were cheers for wanting […]

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Madison's Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival

MADISON: What began as an anti-war protest 40 years ago that soon morphed into a cannabis legalization rally will celebrate the beginning of its fifth decade October 1-3, 2010. The Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival has long been a fall ritual in Madison as much as University of Wisconsin Badger Football or Halloween on State […]

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Ruling, initiative light way for medical marijuana users

Recent developments in Oregon have proven positive for medical marijuana advocates throughout the state. On June 16, the Oregon Court of Appeals agreed with a previous ruling regarding the ability of medical marijuana cardholders to carry concealed weapons permits. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters had denied such a permit to a medical marijuana patient in […]

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Montel Williams Says He Will Be Smoking Weed Until He Dies


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