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Palm Springs City Council Approves Third Marijuana Dispensary

The Palm Springs City Council tonight approved an ordinance allowing a third medical marijuana dispensary to operate in the city and awarded the permit to Organic Solutions of the Desert. Eight other applicants had sought the permit. Herbal Solutions also met the city’s requirements to be awarded the permit, according to a city staff report. […]

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Oregon signature gatherers

Jeremiah McKay knocks on the first door in a quiet neighborhood off Southeast Powell Boulevard, near the eastern edge of Portland, during the 10 a.m. lull. Families had rushed to work and school, but plenty of retirees and stay-home parents remained. He’s wearing a sports shirt and khaki pants, trying to avoid the formal sales […]

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Idaho Decriminalises Cannabis

Cannabis Lowest Law Enforcement Priority On the day the UK’s House of Lords voiced its support for a new initiative from the UNODC to encourage a more pragmatic approach to the nations drug laws, the Mayor of Hailey in central Idaho North America, has announced that cannabis on private premises will become law enforcements lowest […]

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Exploring Kentucky

By Katherine Tandy Brown Between 1800 and 1850, the frontier town of Lexington experienced unprecedented growth and became known as the “Athens of the West.” During that time, many notable historians, politicians, businessmen and horsemen found homes in the Bluegrass. The Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau is now offering the opportunity to tour four of […]

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Sen. Respicio Asks Colleagues to Support His Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana on Guam

GUAM – Senator Rory Respicio introduced a bill to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. Bill no. 420 also establishes “compassionate health care centers” to grow, process and distribute marijuana by prescription only. The bill allows patients to grow up to three marijuana plants and to carry a maximum of three ounces of marijuana as long […]

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Why Marijuana Is Central to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Have you heard that truth before? – It’s something you will understand if you read any further.  You see, science is a truth conspiracy. It’s a testing of reality and standing your ground when you find evidence. In some ways, being American means confronting untruths. To voice “our” truth through language, to create a new […]

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Weed and Driving Do Mix

Marijuana drive-in, opening soon… Legalize it! (in places where it’s not legal already, that is…) This catch phrase may pick up speed once again, after the Hartford Hospital and the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine published the results of another study concerning how driving under the influence of marijuana affects driving skills. The […]

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The Doobie Is Everywhere

Even though our world seems to get a little more desolate by the day, there are certain things that bring comfort to our aching hearts. Like finding plants thriving under the toughest of urban conditions. Like, in Union Square, where the tireless folks at Gothamist noticed the distinctive fan-like sprigs of a familiar-looking plant (not […]

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Crailar Organic Fibers: A New, Eco-Friendly Spin on Cotton

CRAILAR \ ˈkrā lär \ n. 1 a: Organically certified fiber derived from natural bast fibers (such as hemp and flax), which are responsibly treated with an “enzymatic bath” and then spun into soft, white fibers similar to organic cotton. b: Touted as the next affordable and sustainable stand-in for conventional cotton, with the added […]

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Hemp is hot stuff in Monto

STRUGGLING Monto could play a key part in developing Queensland’s emerging $10 million commercial hemp industry by becoming a key growing and processing centre. John Hall, managing director at Bundaberg company Agri Fibre Industries (AFI), told Central Telegraph it had been working on the project since 1998 and was ready to move to commercial production. […]

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