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George Clinton: Doctor Funkenstein’s New Prescription (Cannabis)

Nate Jackson Photo: Bridget Arias   Decades after the Mothership landed on Earth, opening its shiny metallic hatch to reveal the smoky silhouette of the man nicknamed Dr. Funkenstein, George Clinton continues to be a man ahead of his time. The extraterrestrial groovemaster of Parliament Funkadelic drafted the musical blueprint for generations of musicians, rappers […]

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Cannabis products heading to Middlemore Hospital

NZ Herald Middlemore Hospital will receive cannabis products from medical marijuana company Tilray, it was revealed today. Photo / file   Middlemore Hospital will receive cannabis products from medical marijuana company Tilray, it was revealed today. The Canadian company, which describes itself as a global leader in medical cannabis research and production, released a statement […]

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Cannabis Legislation 2017: We’re Tracking All Legalization Bills

LISA ROUGH   Most state legislatures reconvene in early January, and by February they’re in full swing, moving some bills forward and killing others in committee. This year 27 state legislatures are considering bills pertaining to cannabis in some form. (Well, okay: 26. Mississippi had two medical marijuana bills, but they’re already dead.) Some states […]

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Cannabis Chapel the perfect site for couple’s Las Vegas ‘weed-ing’

By COLTON LOCHHEAD   Venus Heard’s wedding gown sparkled in the green-hued lights as she walked down the aisle of the Downtown Las Vegas wedding chapel. Her groom-to-be, Jon Rothberg, stood under the white wedding arch in a black and green tuxedo. Wedding officiant Tiffany White stood beside him in a contrasting robe of (almost) […]

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Men’s Wearhouse founder reveals how smoking marijuana for 50 years changed his life

Melia Robinson George Zimmer is lending his iconic, gravelly voice to the marijuana legalization movement. therichest.org   George Zimmer has a penchant for speaking his mind. The 68-year-old serial entrepreneur was fired from Men’s Wearhouse, the company he founded 40 years earlier, in 2013 over differences with the company’s board. “You know, one of the […]

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Cannabis goes mainstream in Reno

by Brian Bahouth   Moana Nursery has been an anchor business on Moana Lane in Reno since 1967.  Experts at 3 Reno area stores provide deep, regional cultivation knowledge, and customers can select from a wide range of decorative and edible plants suited for northern Nevada’s high desert environment, bird feeders … wind chimes … […]

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A Valentine’s Day Marijuana Gift Guide to Get Your Loved One Lit

BY HAYLEY FOX This $400 cannabis bouquet is available to be delivered anywhere in Los Angeles. Courtesy Lowell Farms L.A. has outdone itself this year with its selection of creative, marijuana-minded gifts to give your favorite stoner for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re buying for the one you’re trying to woo or for yourself (because hey, […]

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Colombia’s medical marijuana industry could become bigger than coffee and flower business

Oliver Griffin The domestic use of medical marijuana was legalised last year (AFP/Getty)   In the Andean hills of Antioquia, Colombia, greenhouses covered with white tarpaulin sheets dot the countryside. For now they are all used for growing flowers — but the soil here is being prepared for a more contentious crop. “The medical marijuana […]

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Forget the sick, dying and disabled. Rule No. 1 for medical pot: Nobody has fun

BY FRED GRIMM A close-up of a flowering marijuana plant in the production room of Modern Health Concepts’ greenhouse on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017. C.M. Guerrero Miami Herald   Never mind heart-rending testimony from the dying, diseased and debilitated, who crowded into five public hearings across Florida this week to beg the state medical marijuana […]

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I Love You, Mary Jane

by EVIANA HARTMAN, Vogue Illustration by Aimee Chang For the past two years, during which time I have written and edited thousands of articles for this website and cofounded one profitable LLC and two political-action groups, I have gotten high hundreds of times. In fact, I’m high right now. I used to think that I’d […]

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