Dear Ed and Angela,

Thank you so much for caring, I can’t express how much it means to us. Linda works and is home after 6-7 in the evening and is looking forward to speaking with you, she was thrilled just to get your message.

I have enclosed a series of books I have been reading, I love all the books you have sent and have read them all. I loved Indian Givers [by Jack Weatherford] as well as Nowhere Man [by Robert Rosen] [We have purchased the next two books and sent them to Eddy, federal prisoners can only have two books sent to them at a time]

I am trying to get sent to Atwater Camp, it’s about 1 hour from here, my daughter has cancer so hopefully they will show some compassion and move me closer, if not I will be going back to Lompoc soon. [Eddy was originally in FCI Lompoc, CA before being moved to Oklahoma and then to FCI Dublin, CA, reason unknown]

Yes, as emabarrassing as it is to ask, I could use some money on my books.

Thanks, Love and Respect,

Eddy Lepp

PS: Can anybody hear me? I often wonder! Hope to be out soon.