Bioklas Edegem - Woonder cv - coöperatie voor natuurlijk bouwen


Seeing the environmental crises rising particularly because of the construction sector, more conscious choices regarding building materials need to be considered. Since the beginning of our craft, architects and constructors have been trying to utilize natural materials in buildings—either used in their raw form, like bamboo, or processed and incorporated into different materials. Hempcrete is one type of concrete incorporating natural materials; it is energy-saving and durable.

Concrete can be cast-in-place and concrete blocks are one of the best building materials for architects, likewise, hempcrete can be cast-in-place or prefabricated, and it is fire-resistant as it does not burn. However, hempcrete is more breathable than concrete. There is more to this eco-friendly material; it does not rot and it is termite and mold-resistant. The advantages of hempcrete will be discussed thoroughly in this article.


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