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Seniors Build the First Hemp Tiny Homes in Washington State

By Pat Rasmussen Pat Rasmussen in front of tiny home built by Joseph Becker of ION Ecobuilding for his small family. Courtesy Michelle Burke   I dream of living in a tiny home with hemp insulation and solar panels on top. Suddenly finding myself 71, I’ve realized I need a safe, secure, warm home, a […]

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Four Canadian women explain how cannabis made their periods better

By Ivy Jackson   According to a 2016 study by the health app Clue, in partnership with the International Women’s Health Coalition, only 34 per cent of Canadian women feel comfortable talking about periods. This might explain why so many of us remain oddly discreet about menstruation, quickly tucking a bullet-shaped bit of rayon or […]

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Hemp seed oil for acne

By Meg Bellemore   The concept of oil-based products being particularly compatible with our skin makes perfect sense. Oil-based things mesh well with other oil based-things. It’s simple science. However when it comes to treating pimples, the formula often just doesn’t feel right. Full Article:  http://www.cosmopolitan.com.au/beauty/proof-oil-clears-acne-22401

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10-Year Sentence for 960g of Cannabis Seeds Overturned in Dubai

BY JON HILTZ   Due to ongoing global marijuana reform, there are a number of places where people might feel comfortable traveling with cannabis seeds. The United Arab Emirates shouldn’t be one of those places. In December of last year, an unnamed 34-year-old Austrian man was arrested at the Dubai International Airport after law enforcement […]

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Expungement Day: Get Help Clearing an Old Cannabis Arrest

BRUCE BARCOTT   Thirteen years ago, Yirim Seck got caught with cannabis. It was a warm summer night, and the promising young musician, then 23, was enjoying the annual SeaFair Torchlight Parade in downtown Seattle. It was a routine charge, one of those small-time arrests that legalization opponents often write off as no big deal. […]

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This is Nattaly Brown. She’s 7, has cancer, and uses medical cannabis

Jennifer Bowman, Battle Creek Enquirer   Alyssa Schuck smiled as she pulled at the light brown hair sticking out of her daughter’s hat. “A ponytail?” For Nattaly Brown, this was a milestone. Her hair, now poking out of her glittery cap, had grown. And growing hair means so much more these days. Nattaly was diagnosed […]

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Willie Nelson to Jeff Sessions: Smoke Some Pot

By Patrick Doyle   Jeff Sessions recently said that pot is “only slightly less awful” than heroin. I wonder if he’s tried both of them. I don’t think you can really make a statement like that unless you tried it all. So I’d like to suggest to Jeff to try it and then let me […]

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Get Ready to See Hemp Fields Cropping Up in New York

by MADISON MARGOLIN   By spring, New York farmers may be able to grow hemp legally for the first time in decades. The Hemp Research Bill, introduced in Albany by Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and Senator Tom O’Mara, was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo last year. As its title suggests, the bill allows researchers to grow […]

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University of Louisville plants industrial hemp for energy possibilities

WHAS11.com staff , WHAS   The University of Louisville is trying something new by planting industrial hemp with an end game in mind, energy. It’s part of the JB Speed School of Engineering looking at crops for developing chemicals and fuels. The school says the crops can fulfill energy needs and possibly aid in future […]

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Sen. Kamala Harris to Trump: Leave grandma’s marijuana alone

BY SEAN COCKERHAM scockerham@mcclatchydc.com   Sen. Kamala Harris of California used the year’s first big 2020 presidential spotlight Tuesday to rail against Trump administration drug policies and call for easing laws governing marijuana. “Let me tell you what California needs, Jeff Sessions. We need support in dealing with transnational criminal organizations and dealing with human trafficking […]

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