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Farmers in Italy fight soil contamination with cannabis

By SETH DOANE   Farmers in a region of Italy once known for cheeses have turned to cultivating a type of cannabis — not to smoke or sell — but to decontaminate polluted soil. The hemp they’re growing contains very little THC — the compound that makes people high. Vincenzo Fornaro showed CBS News an […]

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Big Alzheimer’s research roadblock: Federal government

Leslie Kramer, special to CNBC.com Eric Risberg | AP – Jim Hill looks over the marijuana he grows for medical purposes at his farm in Potter Valley, Calif. Hill believes passionately in marijuana’s purported ability to treat the symptoms of diseases ranging from cancer to Alzheimer’s. Promising new research conducted last year at the Salk Institute […]

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Medical expert: Marijuana should be first line option, not last resort

by Tara Petitt   The push to legalize medical marijuana is intensifying at the South Carolina State house. Lawmakers heard nearly five hours of testimony Wednesday from medical experts. Currently, 24 states have full comprehensive medical cannabis laws, and several doctors are urging South Carolina lawmakers to do the same. “Cannabis is not for everybody, […]

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Philippines: One day after death penalty vote, House endorses medical marijuana

By Asian Correspondent Staff   JUST a day after the Philippine House of Representatives approved the move to reinstate the death penalty for drug-related offences, the House committee on health endorsed the use of marijuana for medical reasons. House Bill 180, according to ABS-CBN News, prescribes the rules for the proper use of medical marijuana, including […]

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Scientists say the government’s only pot farm has moldy samples — and no federal testing standards

BY CALEB HELLERMAN A researcher in Dr. Sue Sisley’s lab pours out a sample of marijuana produced by the federal facility responsible for growing cannabis for clinical research. When she received marijuana for a PTSD trial last year, Sisley says the packages contained mold and weren’t as potent as she requested. Photo courtesy of MAPS. […]

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Zeoform A New Plastic That Turns Hemp Into Almost Anything

  What if plastic could be made without using fossil fuels and toxic chemicals? An Australian company has done just that, with a new type of plastic that can turn hemp fiber into pretty much anything. Zeoform is a promising eco-friendly solution to traditional plastics. It’s made from a simple mixture of plant fiber (specifically […]

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Cannabis Connection: A Primer for Jeff Sessions on Marijuana and Opioids

By David Jenison   “I see a line in the Washington Post today that I remember from the ‘80s: ‘Marijuana is a cure for opiate abuse,’” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently. ”’Give me a break. This is the kind of argument that’s been made out there to just … [it’s] almost a desperate attempt […]

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Freedom Leaf Exclusive Interview: Eddy Lepp

Russ Belville   On the morning of August 18 2004, DEA agents raided Eddy’s Medicinal Gardens and Multi-Denominational Chapel of Cannabis and Rastafari in Upper Lake, Calif. They arrested Charles Eddy Lepp, who had been allowing patients to cultivate cannabis for medical purposes on his property; the 24,784 plants confiscated on his 20 acres were […]

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Cannabis prohibition discriminates against elderly

Beverley Aldridge, centre, with son Mikael, left, and husband Owen, at Parliament today. Photo: RNZ / Chris Bramwell A Parliamentary select committee is considering a petition from a group of Northland retirees who want cannabis legalised so they can grow it in their gardens. The spokesperson for the group, Beverley Aldridge, said none of them […]

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CSU-Pueblo awarded 900K for Cannabis Institute

By Laura Wilson   CSU-Pueblo’s marijuana research efforts continue to grow. They’re expected to receive another $900,000 from the state for the college’s Institute of Cannabis Research. The funding was unanimously approved by the Colorado General Assembly Joint Budget Committee. That first $900,000 came in this past June, so the institute has already been able […]

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