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Patrick Stewart relies on cannabis spray to keep hands working

xpose.ie   “I mean, my main problem is my hands don’t work very well. But thanks to cannabis they work much better than they used to. Thanks to the law in California now, it’s just a spray that I put on.”   Full Article:  http://www.tv3.ie/xpose/article/entertainment-news/232564/Patrick-Stewart-relies-on-cannabis-spray-to-keep-hands-working

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Cannabis Is Great, But The Hemp Market Is Worth Billions

Reginald Reefer   In 1938, Popular Mechanics published an article entitled, “Billion Dollar Crop” in reference to Hemp.At the time, a billion dollars would hold the modern day equivalent of $16,766,111,111.11 based on inflation and all that economic jazz. As of last year, Colorado grossed more than 1 billion dollars in Cannabis sales and the […]

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Mum of Billy Caldwell (11) secures legal cannabis-based medicine on Irish soil

Paul Ainsworth Billy Caldwell and mum Charlotte were previously forced to travel to the US to receive cannabis oil treatment for his debilitating epilepsy   A Co Tyrone mother is receiving a cannabis-based medicine for her young son for the first time on Irish soil after previously bringing a supply of the vital drug from […]

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South Africa to Become First African Country to Legalize Cannabis

By Socrates Mbamalu Photo: This Is Africa   South Africa is a country of many firsts. The rainbow nation will soon become the first African country to legalise cannabis sativa popularly called marijuana. The legislation is based strictly on medical grounds. The country’s Medicines Control Council (MCC) stated that it would soon publish its proposed […]

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A Cannabis-Themed Gym Is Opening in San Francisco This Spring

Zach Harris   It may be nearing the end of February, but that doesn’t mean that your New Year’s resolution can’t just be starting. But if that resolution was to start getting to the gym more, you might want to hold out a little bit longer – at least until Power Plant Fitness opens San […]

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Gun rights and marijuana laws

Michael Perchick, KVUE (Photo: KCEN Editor, KAGS) As more states expand their marijuana use laws, a new issue is beginning to pop up that impacts gun owners. On a federal firearms background check form, Section 11 E, which was revised on January 16, asks if a person is an unlawful user of marijuana, or any […]

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Get Baked With 10 Cool Cannabis Cookbooks

by SUSAN WELSH Now that the use of recreational and medicinal marijuana has been legalized in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, we are on the road to cannabis moving into the mainstream and becoming a “legit” ingredient in our everyday home cooking. Edible cannabis has come a long way since the […]

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At the Cannabis Supper Club

By Christian Bordal   Since prop 64 passed in November, marijuana is in the air… and in the food. On Monday night the restaurant 51 Tavern in Highland Park hosted a cannabis supper club. It was the first in a series called The Gathering. For $250, diners were treated to a five-course menu put together […]

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Nevada to Proceed With July Cannabis Sales Despite White House Warning

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS   Nevada still plans to launch recreational marijuana sales in July despite warnings this week of a federal crackdown by the administration of President Donald Trump, state officials said Friday. Marijuana possession and sales are illegal under federal law, but Nevada voters decided in November to allow people age 21 or older […]

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State Rep. Knute Buehler to feds: Hands off Oregon marijuana

By Joseph Ditzler, The Bulletin, @josefditzler Andy Tullis / The Bulletin file photo Marijuana flowers.   State Rep. Knute Buehler, R-Bend, in a prepared statement Friday said federal authorities need to back off any intent to tamper with legal marijuana in Oregon. “I hope the new President and Attorney General keep their hands off Oregon’s marijuana […]

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