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A Valentine’s Day Marijuana Gift Guide to Get Your Loved One Lit

BY HAYLEY FOX This $400 cannabis bouquet is available to be delivered anywhere in Los Angeles. Courtesy Lowell Farms L.A. has outdone itself this year with its selection of creative, marijuana-minded gifts to give your favorite stoner for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re buying for the one you’re trying to woo or for yourself (because hey, […]

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Colombia’s medical marijuana industry could become bigger than coffee and flower business

Oliver Griffin The domestic use of medical marijuana was legalised last year (AFP/Getty)   In the Andean hills of Antioquia, Colombia, greenhouses covered with white tarpaulin sheets dot the countryside. For now they are all used for growing flowers — but the soil here is being prepared for a more contentious crop. “The medical marijuana […]

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Forget the sick, dying and disabled. Rule No. 1 for medical pot: Nobody has fun

BY FRED GRIMM A close-up of a flowering marijuana plant in the production room of Modern Health Concepts’ greenhouse on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017. C.M. Guerrero Miami Herald   Never mind heart-rending testimony from the dying, diseased and debilitated, who crowded into five public hearings across Florida this week to beg the state medical marijuana […]

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I Love You, Mary Jane

by EVIANA HARTMAN, Vogue Illustration by Aimee Chang For the past two years, during which time I have written and edited thousands of articles for this website and cofounded one profitable LLC and two political-action groups, I have gotten high hundreds of times. In fact, I’m high right now. I used to think that I’d […]

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Indiana Town Hall Meeting Supports 11 Bills On Cannabis, Hemp

By JILL SHERIDAN Photo: Jill Sheridan/IPB News A crowd of cannabis supporters gathered at the Indiana Statehouse Thursday for a town hall meeting. Around 100 people attended in support of legislation that would allow for medicinal cannabis. Rep. Sue Errington (D-Muncie) has introduced cannabis legislation for the past five years. “And up until this year I’ve been a pretty […]

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Searching for Jack Herer, the ‘Emperor’ of American Cannabis

TOM ZOELLNER Fans gather around Jack Herer’s bus on a tour in the 90’s. (Courtesy of Jeannie Herer)   If you visited Los Angeles’ Venice Beach boardwalk in the 1980s, you were likely to encounter a bearded, corpulent man peddling a wild conspiracy theory. With his disheveled clothes and slobbery workingman’s diction, he often looked […]

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Florida – Last chance to weigh in on medical marijuana rules – today and tomorrow

Sarah Hollenbeck, WTSP   Wednesday and Thursday are the last days you’ll be able to tell state leaders how you feel about medical marijuana. Do you want to see more dispensaries? Fewer? Should more people get access to treatment or should it be restricted? The Health Department hosted a packed 2-hour public meeting from 9am […]

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The biggest potheads aren’t who you’d guess

By Gabrielle Fonrouge Shutterstock     They are the city’s new pot-smoking professionals — ganja-puffing teachers, TV execs and businessmen who go about their daily routines while under the influence, thanks to the drug’s decriminalization. “I started realizing a lot of my family smokes weed, and they’re all very successful adults,” said “Jake,” a 29-year-old […]

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University of Vermont – Our First Year Growing Industrial Hemp

Industral hemp, Alburgh, VT   During 2016, our Northwest Crops and Soils Program began researching industrial hemp. Hemp is a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis sativa L. The crop is one of historical importance in the U.S. and is re-emerging as manufacturers seek it as a sustainable resource for a wide array of food and fiber […]

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How Cannabis-Infused Dinner Parties Became The New Normal

by Maxwell Williams   Cannabis has a funny way of monopolizing words. Ask anyone who has tried to describe a musty room as “dank” or wanted to cook in a “pot” only to hear stifled giggles. Get your mind out of the bong, Shaggy. Those words have other meanings. The term “edible” is one of […]

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