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Building your dream home could send you to the hemp dealer

Bob Woods Source: American Lime Technology Main entrance of the Maui hemp house. One of the oldest and most sustainable building materials of all time is staging a comeback: hemp. Now that several states have legalized the use of marijuana for some recreational and medicinal purposes, a big untapped market is emerging for cannabis to […]

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Back When We Thought Hemp Would Be a Billion-Dollar Crop

By Eric Limer   After decades of criminalization and a blatantly racist War on Drugs that has succeeded primarily in putting millions of people in jail, the tide is turning on marijuana. Today, on 4/20, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer came out in support of ending the federal prohibition on marijuana, one of many recent moves by politicians […]

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Jack Herer: Not Just A Marijuana Strain, But A Marijuana Legend

by Steve Davis   In the decades-long battle against cannabis prohibition, when growing and possessing cannabis was illegal everywhere in the United States, a handful of brave soldiers stood out as leaders in the battle — and all of them were persecuted because of it. Dennis Peron, long considered the father of medical marijuana, was shot […]

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This Cannabis-Based Mascara Uses CBD Instead Of Beeswax

By Calvin Hughes   A new makeup brand is looking to shake things up by introducing a line of cannabis-based mascara. On 4/20, Milk Makeup will be releasing their new Kush Mascara line produced with the cannabis extract CBD. Milk is a vegan company and was looking for something to replace the beeswax often used as the thickening agent […]

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Non-alcoholic, THC-infused beer

by Cat Wolinski Photo Credit: Ceria Beverages (ceriabeverages.com)   After announcing his retirement from MolsonCoors earlier this year, Blue Moon Brewing company founder and creator, Keith Villa has announced his next venture: THC-infused beer. The new company, called Ceria Beverages, will be helmed by Villa as co-founder and brewmaster, and his wife, Jodi Villa as CEO. “Ceria” is named for […]

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Centuries old, hemp grows in popularity for home building

By Adam Popescu / New York Times News Service Nathaniel Brooks/The New York Times   One of the biggest untapped markets for the cannabis plant itself could be as a building tool The Romans have been using it since the days of Julius Caesar, but not to get high. Both Washington and Jefferson grew it. […]

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Healthy Homes With Hempcrete: How Hemp Promotes Healthier Houses

SALLY PERKINS   Growing interest in a lesser known building material could create healthy homes all over America. It’s called hempcrete. This combination of chopped hemp shiv and lime binder is durable, sustainable and carbon negative. Lime is an abundant quarried material and hemp is a renewable biomaterial — both safeguarding the sustainable future of hempcrete […]

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Pure Farming 2018’s New Trailer Shows That Fans Like It

By Richard Walker   Techland has released a new trailer for the upcoming Pure Farming 2018, ahead of its release next week. The video takes a look at some Polish fans of the genre playing the game and offering up some opinions on it. Apparently, they rather like it. In Pure Farming 2018, you can obviously […]

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Police and crime chief calls for cannabis to be sold over counter

PHOEBE SOUTHWORTH FOR MAILONLINE North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones thinks trying to prohibit drugs is a waste of police time   A police chief has called for cannabis to be sold in off-licenses and heroin and cocaine to be available on prescription, claiming the war on drugs has failed. North Wales Police […]

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Be.e bio-based e-scooter finally ready to roll

Paul Ridden Van.Eko is now taking pre-orders for its colorful Be.e electric scooter(Credit: Van.Eko)   Amsterdam-based startup Van.Eko has been developing its funky electric scooter for what seems like an age, last registering on our radar in 2014. Now the Be.e is going up for pre-order, with deliveries to a limited number of buyers scheduled to take […]

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