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Cannabis Rx: Cutting Through the Misinformation

If an American doctor of the late 19th century stepped into a time warp and emerged in 2010, he would be shocked by the multitude of pharmaceuticals that today’s physicians use. But as he pondered this array (and wondered, as I do, whether most are really necessary), he would soon notice an equally surprising omission, […]

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Medical marijuana patients find seeds hard to come by

By Marjorie Childress New Mexico’s approach to medical marijuana is one of the most strictly regulated in the country, but patients here share problems with those in less regulated states when it comes to lawfully obtaining seeds or plants. Currently, New Mexico patients who are authorized to grow their own medical marijuana don’t have many […]

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The Future of Publishing is Wood-Free

The publishing world is changing, and whether in a screen or on the shelf, traditional wood-pulp paper must wave farewell. Writers, and anyone in the publishing industry for that matter, use a lot of paper. This does not bode well for the trees. According to Hardy Green in “Pulpless Fiction” (The Business Week, June 23, […]

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The buying and selling of legal marijuana

By David Harrison, Stateline Staff Writer Photo illustration by iStock Last week, Michigan authorities raided three Oakland County marijuana dispensaries, confiscated files and plants and arrested 15 people, charging them with dealing marijuana, among other offenses.The move stunned patients, who are allowed by state law to use the drug legally as long as they have […]

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Barbara Boxer aide charged with possession of pot

By ERIKA LOVLEY A senior aide for Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) was arrested Tuesday for attempting to bring marijuana into the Hart Senate Office Building, according to U.S. Capitol Police reports. Marcus Stanley, who served as a senior economic adviser and at one time worked on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee — chaired […]

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Ganja yoga combines marijuana and meditation

Following on the barefoot heels of hot yoga, circus yoga and hip hop yoga, cannabis-enhanced classes offer a way to cut through inhibitions David Silverberg They chat away breezily between vaporizer tokes, sometimes veering off into conspiracy theories about the government or discussions of the healthiest way to smoke marijuana. Then the 12 yoga lovers […]

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This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Why do I feel like I just keep writing the same stories of law enforcement venality over and over again? More crooked jail guards, more sticky-fingered cops, more cops on the take, and another pervert power-tripper cop. Let’s get to it: too much cash can corrupt cops In Graceville, Florida, a prison guard was arrested […]

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Hemp partnering boosts green building benefits

A recent teleconference officially announced an industrial hemp partnership between the District of 100 Mile House and The Alternate Village at the University of Manitoba (U of M). The announcement follows an earlier meeting held in Winnipeg where district and The Alternate Village representatives explored potential opportunities for working together to develop and demonstrate hemp-based […]

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Marijuana Smokers Gather In Mexico, Demand Legalization

With much of the nation in the throes of a bloody drug war against violent cartels, more than 200 people gathered Sunday in a Mexico City park to smoke marijuana and demand its legalization. The activists braved pouring rain to rally on the popular tourist drag of the Alameda to have a smoke-in protesting marijuana’s […]

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Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz Among "100 Women Of Weed"

Opinion by NORML (September 06, 2010) in Society / Drug Law As the issue of cannabis legalization heats up so too does the discussion of women and cannabis use. At this week’s national NORML conference in Portland (Oregon) there is a panel ‘Women, Cannabis and Respect’ hosted by the NORML Women’s Alliance. Via Jerri Merritt’s […]

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