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The Wait for Medical Marijuana in NJ Frustrates Terminally Ill Patients

BY BARBARA WILLIAMS The Record STAFF WRITER John Ammirati needs marijuana to ease the symptoms of his terminal illness, he says, but whether it will be available by January, as outlined by state law, remains unclear. Health officials must complete a multistep process before the controversial law can be implemented and aren’t committing to any […]

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Smoke Screen

Made in 1936, Reefer Madness owes much of its current fame to its rediscovery in the 1960s. That’s because Louis J. Gasnier’s film (properly titled Tell Your Children) is so incredibly, laughably wrong about the effects of marijuana. The movie shows us wholesome, soda-sipping American kids turning into demented, suicidal nymphomaniacs after just one hit […]

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California Cannabis Goes Pro- With Baseball Cards?

David Downs — California’s $14 billion a year cannabis economy has created all-star marijuana strains with as much cachet as marquee athletes. A combination of genetics, local variation, effects in the field, and marketing have promoted ten such California hits to such great heights, they have their own baseball cards. Technically they’re Berkeley Patients Care […]

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Change Law to Allow Vets to form Org supplying VA system with medical hemp

posted by Michael Leon Veterans Medical Marijuana – Hemp for Victory and Veterans. Here is my thought; if we as disabled vets formed a consortium to investigate and report on the medical value of the by-products of Hemp and the industrial production of “usable products” we could get a ground floor hold on a contract […]

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Senate Candidate Forced To Backtrack After Tasteless Pot Jokes

The political atmosphere around marijuana has changed. It used to be a slam dunk to make fun of marijuana users — even medical marijuana patients — but a recent drama which played out in Washington state showed how much that has changed. A Republican candidate for U.S. Senate has been forced to “clarify” a series […]

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Maine's First Dance With Mary Jane

Dispensaries here will be modeled after California’s finest, but with tighter regulations to avoid excess and abuse. By John Richardson Staff Writer BERKELEY, Calif. – It’s 9 a.m. and as soon as the uniformed guard pulls open the black iron gate in front of the Berkeley Patients Group, a small line forms inside the city’s […]

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Used Plastic+Hemp=Lumber

UNCC researchers create a formula for recycling old bottles into new building materials By Amber Veverka Special Correspondent A UNC Charlotte researcher with a passion for sustainability is creating a new building material out of recycled plastic bottles and an ancient grass. Dr. Na Lu, an assistant professor at UNCC’s Department of Engineering Technology, has […]

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Upping the Omegas with a Seasonally Sweet Peach Smoothie

Frugal Foodie Friday: At long last, my CSA fruit share has graduated from apricots to peaches … not that I don’t have a freezer full of frozen apricots, but I thought I would shake things up by enjoying some peaches in my smoothies too. And I have to admit, I think I like peaches even […]

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New Medical Marijuana Club Forms In Thomas Township

THOMAS TWP. — On Friday, a neon-green sign that said “Tri-City Compassion Club, park here” in stenciled block letters was posted in front of the lot and Thomas Township home owned by John F. Roberts. Roberts, 49, whose home — where he lives with his fiancée Stephanie Whisman, 38 — was raided by DEA agents […]

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3/4 of US and Germany Support Medicinal Cannabis

Germany/USA: Three quarters of citizens in the USA and Germany support the medical use of cannabis According to a poll conducted by Emnid Institute there is a broad support in Germany when it comes to the medical use of cannabis. Of 1,001 interviewees asked by phone 76 per cent said that the use of cannabis […]

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