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Our Cup Carbon Bootprint

It was fun, it was loud, it was colourful and it was a huge success. But especially green it was not. In fact, by several measures, the FIFA World Cup 2010 was possibly the least eco-friendly major international sporting event ever. Before we let the euphoria of all the excess gees generated by a job […]

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Union Endorses Intitiative to legalize Marijuana in California

The 200,000-member United Food and Commercial Workers, Western States Council, on Wednesday announced its support for Proposition 19, the initiative to legalize marijuana in California. “The Western States Council is endorsing Proposition 19 based upon our previous support of the medical cannabis initiative, 1996’s Proposition 215,” George Landers, the council’s executive director, said in a statement. […]

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New PTSD Guidelines May Lead to Increase in Medical Marijuana Licenses

By Marjorie Childress New federal guidelines that will streamline the diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for veterans are likely to increase the number of PTSD patients in New Mexico’s medical marijuana program because they will make it easier for veterans to be diagnosed. Out of 14 states that allow medicinal use of marijuana number, […]

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Maintaining Memories With Marijuana

Can smoking marijuana prevent the memory loss associated with normal aging or Alzheimer’s disease? This is a question that I have been investigating for the past few years. The concept of medical marijuana is not a new one. A Chinese pharmacy book, written about 2737 BCE, was probably the first to mention its use as […]

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New Yorkers Favor Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Two thirds (64 percent) of New Yorkers favor legalizing medical marijuana. More than half are leery of natural gas drilling in the state, according to the 2010 Empire State Poll from Cornell’s Survey Research Institute. Between Feb. 1 and March 29, 800 New York residents were interviewed by telephone about whether they support or oppose […]

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Pharmacy Board Urged to OK Pot

LINCOLN — As his wife was slowly dying from cancer, Craig, Neb., farmer DeJay Monson turned to something that had helped him overcome seizures and migraine headaches arising from a childhood school-bus accident. Feeding his wife, Dana, marijuana, baked in foods or infused in liquids, returned some function to her life, Monson said Monday, fighting […]

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PA Bill Would Legalize Marijuana as Therepeutic Option

Sunday, July 11, 2010 By Mackenzie Carpenter, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Robert F. Bukaty/Associated Press A medical-marijuana user smokes a water pipe in Portland, Maine, where the state on Friday awarded six of eight licenses to dispensaries. They’re lighting up joints in Bryn Mawr and Squirrel Hill after putting the kids to bed. At Abay, an ultra-hip […]

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Out of State Patients Can Get Oregon Medical Marijuana Cards

From Oregon Legal Committee attorney Leland R. Berger: In State v. Berringer, (online here: http://www.publications.ojd.state.or.us/A137186.htm) the Oregon Court of Appeals held that Oregon was not required to give a California patient’s status as a patient ‘full faith and credit’ (reasoning that that status created an affirmative defense within CA only) and that the California patient’s […]

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Marijuana Smokers Exhibit Virtually No Change

New York, NY-(ENEWSPF)-July 9, 2010. Experienced marijuana consumers exhibit nominal changes in cognitive performance after inhaling cannabis, according to clinical trial data published online this week in the journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior. Investigators at Columbia University in New York and the San Francisco Brain Research Institute assessed acute marijuana-related effects on cognitive functioning in […]

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Marijuana is "Anti-Aging" and "Curative"

KALAMAZOO — Twenty years ago, Julie Falco was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. And for years after her diagnosis, she tried 30 different prescription medications to ease the pain and discomfort of the disease, with little to no success. But in 2004, she tried medical marijuana, and she started to feel better. Her mood improved, as […]

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