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Growing Pains

By PETER ROPER About 50 supporters of MediMar Ministries and other area medical marijuana centers came to an informal meeting Wednesday night with several members of City Council, who said they wanted public comment on whether to let city voters decide whether to allow marijuana centers in Pueblo. What they got were cheers for wanting […]

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Madison's Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival

MADISON: What began as an anti-war protest 40 years ago that soon morphed into a cannabis legalization rally will celebrate the beginning of its fifth decade October 1-3, 2010. The Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival has long been a fall ritual in Madison as much as University of Wisconsin Badger Football or Halloween on State […]

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Ruling, initiative light way for medical marijuana users

Recent developments in Oregon have proven positive for medical marijuana advocates throughout the state. On June 16, the Oregon Court of Appeals agreed with a previous ruling regarding the ability of medical marijuana cardholders to carry concealed weapons permits. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters had denied such a permit to a medical marijuana patient in […]

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Montel Williams Says He Will Be Smoking Weed Until He Dies


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Drug enforcement agents raid Thomas Township

THOMAS TOWNSHIP — Less than a week after he organized a protest outside the Saginaw County Courthouse, the Thomas Township home John F. Roberts, 49, a medical marijuana patient and caregiver, was raided by federal drug enforcement agents. Roberts said he was near the rear of his multiple-acre property when unmarked cars pulled up to […]

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High Hopes for Hemp Industries

Spending day after day in fields of cannabis, one can come up with some pretty offbeat ideas—like making houses out of hemp. But Dr Susanna Wilkerson has great visions for a plant often maligned for its association with drug use. The founder of Australian company Pure Delight Hemp says the fibrous plant could replace trees […]

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Hemp Project Springing To Life

The 100 Mile House Industrial Hemp Project is up and running again, as a student co-ordinator has been hired and a test plot has been seeded. Project manager Erik Eising was in 100 Mile last week to meet with Horse Lake resident Robin Diether who was hired as the project student co-ordinator on June 30. […]

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Pot Advocates ask Colorado to Allow Medical-Marijuana use for PTSD

Army veterans Kevin Grimsinger, 42, Robert Tyler, 68, clasp hands Wednesday after submitting a petition to add PTSD to the list of conditions approved for the use of medical marijuana to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. (THE DENVER POST | JOE AMON) The petition argues that medical marijuana can help with PTSD […]

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Signatures in for 6 potential OR measures

SALEM  — Backers of ballot measures that would make it legal for medical marijuana users to buy from state-regulated dispensaries and would open the way for Oregon’s first non-tribal casino turned in signatures Friday aimed at landing the initiatives on the November ballot. Signatures for six measures were turned in before the deadline. The Secretary […]

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Billings police take on duty of delivering medical pot

BILLINGS – The conflict between state and federal laws over the legality of medical marijuana is forcing some law enforcement officers to take on the unwelcome duty of delivering pot that caregivers attempt to ship through a parcel service. Over the past year, the Billings Police Department has received an increasing number of calls from […]

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