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John Stossel: War on drugs worse than drugs

I’M CONFUSED. When I walk around busy midtown Manhattan, I often smell marijuana. Despite the crowds, some people smoke weed in public. Usually the police leave them alone, and yet other times they act like a military force engaged in urban combat. This February, cops stormed a Columbia, Mo., home, killed the family dog and […]

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Oregon Needs Your Help Getting Medical Marijuana Initiative on Ballot

By Allen St. Pierre In another affirmation of cannabis law reform’s political momentum in America, the organizers at VoterPower of Oregon have very likely qualified for the ballot what will be ‘Initiative-28’ this November. Enough signatures have been gathered, but, in an effort to make sure that enough signatures legally qualify the measure for the […]

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Brief History: Medical Marijuana

Some call it a green rush. In the past five years, the number of medical-marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles has exploded from four to nearly 600. To get a handle on what one city official called a “chaotic situation,” more than 400 were shuttered June 7, following a January vote to limit their numbers in […]

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In the Weeds

Leigh Jones June 21, 2010 The universe of marijuana laws may be devolving into chaos, but Bill McPike remains a mellow man. For 30 years, the Fresno, Calif., attorney has defended clients against pot charges and counseled entrepreneurs on setting up shop to legally grow and sell the substance that spawned a thousand slang terms. […]

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First Lecensed Medical Marijuana Delivery System In Nation Approved

Fairfax, CA ( Marin County) : On Thursday night June 17th ,the Fairfax Planning Commission voted to approve Lynnette Shaw’s plan for one of  the first licensed and regulated medical cannabis delivery system in the nation. “I am so relieved and happy” Shaw said, tears streaming down her face. “Everyone worked very hard to help […]

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Canada – Paper made from farm waste

A Winnipeg company plans to use public funding to put paper products made from farmers’ crop leftovers, such as straw, to the test. The federal and Manitoba governments on Friday pledged a combined $400,000 for Prairie Pulp and Paper, a company aiming to build North America’s first commercial-scale non-wood pulp and paper mill in rural […]

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Medical cannabis industry looks to the future

With much of the state engaged in discussion over legalization, the local medical marijuana community is taking steps to develop Southern Humboldt into what they hope will be a center for sustainable outdoor medical marijuana grows. Medical marijuana advocates met Saturday night in Garberville to discuss creating health and safety regulations and to encourage education […]

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Oregon officially recognizes marijuana for medical value

EUGENE, Ore. – The Oregon Board of Pharmacy voted to change marijuana from what’s known as a “Schedule I controlled substance” to a “Schedule II.” How will this affect pot in Oregon? And what does this mean? “A schedule I drug means that it has no medicinal value that is recognized,” said Lane County Chief Deputy District […]

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Biopolymers and Biocomposites Workshop Brings Together Industry and Researchers

Getting researchers of biopolymers and biocomposites and those who design products using them into the same room was an educational experience for those participating in the Midwest Biopolymers and Biocomposites Workshop May 11 at Iowa State University. “The great amount of interaction between industrial participants and academia made the workshop a great success. We had […]

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Sonu launches Hemp barbel baits ready for new river season

This week the rivers re-open following the end of the closed season and bait giant Sonubaits has released a new range of barbel baits just in time. There are four new products – pellets, paste, hook pellets and liquid enhancers. The pellets differ to your traditional offerings as they have an elliptical shape that prevents them […]

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