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Oregon signature gatherers

Jeremiah McKay knocks on the first door in a quiet neighborhood off Southeast Powell Boulevard, near the eastern edge of Portland, during the 10 a.m.

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Exploring Kentucky

By Katherine Tandy Brown Between 1800 and 1850, the frontier town of Lexington experienced unprecedented growth and became known as the “Athens of the West.”

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Weed and Driving Do Mix

Marijuana drive-in, opening soon… Legalize it! (in places where it’s not legal already, that is…) This catch phrase may pick up speed once again, after

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The Doobie Is Everywhere

Even though our world seems to get a little more desolate by the day, there are certain things that bring comfort to our aching hearts.

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Hemp is hot stuff in Monto

STRUGGLING Monto could play a key part in developing Queensland’s emerging $10 million commercial hemp industry by becoming a key growing and processing centre. John

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