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How the American Legion Became a Medical Cannabis Advocate

DAVID HODES American Legion National Commander Denise Rohan: The group’s members are driving the Legion’s interest in medical cannabis. “Our membership numbers are so important,” she said. “They have got to mean something in this fight against the opioid crisis. Let’s get marijuana tested to find out if it is one of the answers.” (Photo […]

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MARK PEDERSEN – My Life As a Colorado Cannabis Caregiver

  I am a medical Cannabis refugee from Missouri.  Based in Colorado, I provide education to patients and caregivers. As an educator, I have spent the last ten years traveling this nation, interviewing patients who have used Cannabis to effectively treat their chronic or terminal illness.  I have also been a Cannabis patient for the […]

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Paul Stamets – How Mushrooms Can Save Bees & Our Food Supply

Watch this video! https://www.linktv.org/shows/bioneers/episodes/paul-stamets-how-mushrooms-can-save-bees-our-food-supply

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Study Shows Cannabis Protects the Liver From Alcohol Damage

JOSH KAPLAN (Savushkin/iStock)   We hear a lot about the effects of cannabis on the brain and body, but rarely do we consider its effects when used in combination with other drugs, like alcohol. Studying the health impacts of both alcohol and cannabis on their own is valuable, but it doesn’t always reflect the public’s […]

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First European cannabis treatment center is in Croatia

By  Jelena Darijević Spa Resort Sveti Martin   As from the beginning of this April, Croatia will become the home to the first cannabis treatment centre in Europe. The well-known Croatian wellness resort Terme Sveti Martin (Spa Resort Sveti Martin) in the Međimurje County will be the first destination to introduce the first European Canabio centre, […]

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High hopes for hemp harvesters

Michelle Slater Gippsland industrial hemp manufacturer Darren Christie with one of hos processing machines. photograph: michelle slater.   Gippsland farmers are being encouraged to jump on board a burgeoning local industrial hemp co-operative to be launched in Morwell next month. The co-op aims to get locals growing what is a sustainable and high-return crop to […]

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Hemp State Highlight: Nevada enjoying sky-high prices, but can farmers’ luck last?

By Kristen Nichols   Far from the flashy marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, hemp farms in rural northern and southern Nevada can’t keep up with booming demand for flower for CBD production. The result is a blazing-hot wholesale market for hemp flower, with growers reporting prices of up to $350 a pound for quality, high-CBD varieties. […]

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Hemp houses pave way for future living

Saskia Adysti | Albany Advertiser DecoHousing community liaison manager Pam Rumble and her partner and DecoHousing project manager Paul Llewellyn holding a hempcrete block.Picture: Laurie Benson   Denmark will soon have the first ecovillage in regional Australia completely made out of hemp. DecoHousing managing director Donald Clarke said the ecovillage, capable of holding 12 family units […]

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Republican Candidate Wants To Make Nebraska The Hemp Capital Of America

By James McClure   Nebraska could become the hemp capital of America if Republican candidate Krystal Gabel becomes the next governor of the Cornhusker State. Gabel — a resident of Omaha — has pledged to usher in major marijuana reforms in the midwest state if she wins the 2018 gubernatorial election. Her campaign promises include decriminalizing marijuana, pardoning non-violent […]

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