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7 Ways to Launch Your Own Anti-Plastics Movement

By Bibi Farber   Hemp Exciting developments are on the horizon for one of the strongest fibers known to man. Plastic can now be derived from plant cellulose. At least 16 U.S. states have legalized industrial hemp production for commercial purposes and 20 states have passed laws allowing research and pilot programs. Hemp is an […]

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This nifty little machine makes cannabis butter as easily as a pot of coffee

Rob Hoffman   Weed edibles are fun to eat, but not so much to make. You have to be a virtual chemist to get the temperature right: hot enough to decarboxylate, but not hot enough to burn the bud. Then, half of the product gets stuck on the spoon. Until you perfect the technique, the […]

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Lego-Inspired Fireproof Hemp House

By Neetu Garcha   A unique home that generates more energy than it uses, is rising above the trees on a hillside property in Sooke, just outside of Victoria. “We tried to create the most sustainable, safest, most energy-efficient and least toxic home possible,” owner Arno Keinonen said. The walls are being built using Lego-like building […]

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Maverick Farmer Grows Hemp Today, Marijuana Tomorrow

By Chris Bennett  Farm Journal  Technology and Issues Editor Chris and Kelsey Adams, alongside daughters Audrey, left, and Olivia, grew 300 acres of hemp in 2017 and hope to begin marijuana production in 2018. © Adams Family Farm North Dakota – Chris Adams was shooting for 1,500 lb. of hemp seed per acre, but the final tally was significantly higher: “The […]

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Special Report: Is Hemp the New Kale?

Gayle Ong   In Upstate New York, some farmers believe that they’ve found the state’s next big cash crop – hemp. Other farmers are saying hemp may be the next super food like kale.   Full Article:  http://www.mytwintiers.com/news/local-news/special-report-is-hemp-the-new-kale/854225217

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After The NFL, Pot Saved Boo Williams’ Life. He’s Trying To Return The Favor.

David Davis Image courtesy of Boo Williams   Eddie “Boo” Williams, formerly a tight end with the New Orleans Saints, is sitting on a bench and pulling on a blunt not far from his home in San Diego. He is describing the moment, back in 2011, when he decided to take his own life. “I […]

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Parke-Davis: cannabis not dangerous, even in “immense doses” (c. 1900)

By Chris Clay   By the turn of the last century, pharmaceutical giant Parke, Davis & Co. had fully embraced cannabis as a medicine. The company’s 1901 edition of Physician’s Manual of Therapeutics contains over 400 references to cannabis, recommending it as a primary treatment for a wide range of conditions including migraines, inflammation, neuralgia and epilepsy. […]

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Former NBA commissioner David Stern: Remove marijuana from banned list

Arthur Weinstein   Former NBA commissioner David Stern thinks the league should remove marijuana from the list of banned substances. Stern chose an interesting forum in which to make that pronouncement, in an interview with former NBA player Al Harrington, who now owns a cannabis medical extract company. Harrington’s documentary video on the medicinal use […]

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Could Hemp Fashion Be the Key to Fixing India’s Cotton Economy?

Ashoka Hemp fabric boasts some incredible properties: It’s stronger and more durable than cotton, takes half as much water and land to grow, is 98% UV resistant, repels bacteria and dust, and looks like linen (but wrinkles less).    India is the world’s second largest exporter of cotton, but there are some big challenges: Modern conventional cotton cultivation relies on pesticides […]

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