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After The NFL, Pot Saved Boo Williams’ Life. He’s Trying To Return The Favor.

David Davis Image courtesy of Boo Williams   Eddie “Boo” Williams, formerly a tight end with the New Orleans Saints, is sitting on a bench and pulling on a blunt not far from his home in San Diego. He is describing the moment, back in 2011, when he decided to take his own life. “I […]

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Parke-Davis: cannabis not dangerous, even in “immense doses” (c. 1900)

By Chris Clay   By the turn of the last century, pharmaceutical giant Parke, Davis & Co. had fully embraced cannabis as a medicine. The company’s 1901 edition of Physician’s Manual of Therapeutics contains over 400 references to cannabis, recommending it as a primary treatment for a wide range of conditions including migraines, inflammation, neuralgia and epilepsy. […]

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Former NBA commissioner David Stern: Remove marijuana from banned list

Arthur Weinstein   Former NBA commissioner David Stern thinks the league should remove marijuana from the list of banned substances. Stern chose an interesting forum in which to make that pronouncement, in an interview with former NBA player Al Harrington, who now owns a cannabis medical extract company. Harrington’s documentary video on the medicinal use […]

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Could Hemp Fashion Be the Key to Fixing India’s Cotton Economy?

Ashoka Hemp fabric boasts some incredible properties: It’s stronger and more durable than cotton, takes half as much water and land to grow, is 98% UV resistant, repels bacteria and dust, and looks like linen (but wrinkles less).    India is the world’s second largest exporter of cotton, but there are some big challenges: Modern conventional cotton cultivation relies on pesticides […]

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Hemp House is Built of Rammed Earth, Timber and Hempcrete Walls

HomeWorldDesign Architects: Steffen Welsch Architects Project: Hemp House Location: Melbourne, Australia Photography: Rhiannon Slatter Hemp House, a dual occupancy home for three generations to explore co-housing, was built in a combination of rammed earth, timber and Hempcrete walls. It created a very beautiful and healthy environment; pulling it all together involved courage and adventure which for all […]

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Medical Schools Need Better Cannabis Education

By  Julia Granowicz Getty A new study published in the online journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence found that “medical education needs to catch up to marijuana legislation.” While medical marijuana is now legal in 29 states and Washington D.C. for various ailments, it appears that medical schools have not quite caught on to the trend. “As a future […]

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Is it high time to give cannabis a try in the landscape?

Jill Odom Photo: Pixabay   When you hear “green industry,” you probably think of the current field that you are in and all that pertains to it, but the phrase can also refer to the booming interest in growing marijuana as more states legalize its medicinal and/or recreational use. While most individuals are happy to […]

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Arkansas Medical Cannabis Program Turnaround

By  Gillian Jalimnson   Just over a month ago, Arkansas’ medical cannabis program looked to be in serious trouble – how things have changed over the last couple of weeks. In August, we reported at that point in time there were no applications lodged for growing or dispensing medicinal cannabis in the state and patient registration was less […]

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Medical Cannabis to be licensed in South Africa by the end of 2017

By Alexis Haden   The Citizen reported this week that those who want to grow cannabis for medicinal purposes will be able to do so by the end of the week.  The Medicines Control Council’s Griffiths Molewa told parliament’s portfolio committee on health that the council would approve regulations in the next few weeks.   Full Article:  […]

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