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Amarillo family wants medical cannabis for son with Crohn’s disease

by Kendra Hall   At 13 years old, Andrew Hayes weighs just 70 lbs. His mother says he has good and bad days, but his chronic illness has not improved overall. Andrew was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease about four years ago. He has missed three years of school and his mother says he has also […]

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Girl, 11, suing to legalize medical cannabis

Jason Whitely, WFAA   An 11-year-old North Texas girl who had to flee to Colorado is now suing U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Drug Enforcement Administration to legalize medical cannabis. “I just want kids like me to be able to do what normal kids are able to do,” […]

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Faurecia turns to hemp to reduce reliance on plastic parts

Stephanie Hernandez McGavin Automotive News Europe As suppliers experiment with new materials to cut vehicle weight and reduce their environmental footprints, French interiors supplier Faurecia has turned to plant materials to do both. Using a type of hemp, Faurecia is experimenting with producing injection-molded auto parts that reduce its reliance on plastics.   Full Article: […]

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Patagonia Tackles Workwear – Can hemp work harder than cotton?

Wes Siler   Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Named after the forge sitting in the middle of Chouinard’s old shed (yes, it’s still there), this material forms the basis of the new line. Made from 55 percent industrial hemp, 27 percent recycled polyester, and 18 percent organic cotton, the material is said to be 25 percent […]

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Marijuana Works As An Exit Drug From Pain Medications

By: Mary Schumacher   Zahra Abbas has epilepsy and went through seizures multiple times a day throughout her life, despite taking four different prescriptions. A few years ago she tried medical cannabis to combat the seizures on the advice of her doctor. She had never tried marijuana before, but it didn’t take long to see […]

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Idaho Basecamp builds first public hemp building in U.S.

  Ketchum and Sun Valley can add another item to their list of accolades, now that the area plays host to the first public facility in the United States made of hemp. Idaho Base Camp, a nonprofit organization formed in 2014, has finished construction of its Borah Basin Building, located at its headquarters on the […]

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Willie Nelson on America

Dalton Bennett / The Washington Post At 84 years old, Willie Nelson still has a strong voice as one of America’s leading songwriters. He sat down in his tour bus with The Washington Post’s Libby Casey to talk politics, pot, and what Americans can do to come together. He even sang The Washington Post’s new motto. […]

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The Hemperor and his Hempress

Andrew Simmons – Fox & Nug Magazine – Summer 2017 A rare interview with Jeannie Herer, plus, taste the hottest concentrates of the season in this issue with special exposes on Ambrosia Extracts, Half Full Glass and a blind taste test of the market’s hottest infused beverages.  

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Modular tiny homes made of hemp could solve workforce housing

BY MEGAN BARBER   Where Kondo really sets itself apart is its choice of building materials: a hemp biocomposite shell. According to the Stay Kondo website, hemp is a lightweight, strong material that can be sustainably grown in the United States without herbicides. It also grows to maturity in four months, compared with lumber which can take […]

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Hemp can’t get you high, but it can get high-tech

Don Basile   Marijuana is an ancient plant with borderline mystical properties — just ask the 266 million people who smoke it every year. Hemp, the industrial strain of Cannabis sativa, has been used for many purposes — food, fuel and textiles among them — for tens of thousands of years. Unlike its sister strain, hemp can’t get […]

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