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Why Hemp, The Sustainable Wonder Crop, Is Sweeping The Nation

By Chloe Fox   There’s a new hemp trend sweeping the nation and it has nothing to do with those beaded friendship bracelets from the ‘90s. Twenty-three states have now enacted pro-industrial hemp legislation (Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie signed the latest bill this past week), making the cousin crop to marijuana a national phenomenon. Since the beginning of the […]

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Swiss supermarket to start selling ‘legal cannabis’ cigarettes

news@thelocal.ch   An independent Swiss cigarette maker has this month launched what it calls the first hemp cigarette in the world – and from July 24th they will be on sale in major Swiss supermarket Coop. Heimat, based in the canton of St Gallen, has been producing tobacco cigarettes since last year. But now it […]

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Cannabis Can Relieve Symptoms Of Lyme Disease

By: Trey Reckling   Although tiny and unassuming, ticks can cause revulsion in people on sight. It’s not just because they are blood suckers and appear uninvited ready to make us their host meal. Ticks have caused untold human suffering throughout history by helping spread plague, fever, paralysis and a variety of other nasty conditions. […]

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Tav Group builds rural artist’s house in Israel with “cannabis walls”

Eleanor Gibson   Walls made of hemp and lime, and local stone make up this sand-coloured house on a hill in northern Israel, which Haifa-based studio Tav Group designed for environmentally conscious artists.   Full Article:  https://www.dezeen.com/2017/07/06/ein-hod-tav-group-israel-house-canabis-artists-house/

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Grow your own lamp out of mushrooms and hemp

by Thuy Ong   In a dream crossover of sustainability and design, mushrooms have been used to grow everything from dresses to houses and furniture as an ecological alternative to synthetic materials. “The overall goal of this lamp is to challenge our ideas of what interior products should be made from, how they’re made and ultimately […]

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UN Drug Office can’t find a single cannabis drug overdose, despite it being most widely-consumed drug

By Polly Washburn, The Cannabist Staff   The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has released its 2017 World Drug Report, covering 2015 statistics from around the world. The report finds that cannabis is the most consumed, most widely cultivated and most confiscated drug the office tracks. Despite leading in all of these categories, UNODC […]

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From ‘Highly Addicted’ To Happy Thanks To Cannabis: One Man’s Journey After Opioids

By Tess Allen   When Tom Quigley had surgery on his pancreas in 2012, his doctors told him opioids would be best for the pain. A years-long dependence on the potent painkillers – which Quigley finally managed to conquer in 2010 – told him that simply wasn’t an option. “There’s no doubt about it: pain […]

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Calls For Open International Cannabis Trade

Chris Moore     Former Mexican President Vicente Fox called for open international cannabis trade in his keynote address at the National Cannabis Industry Association this week. In his thirty-minute speech, Fox said he believed that Mexico and Canada could become the world leaders in both medical and recreational marijuana exports. To this end, he […]

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Kentucky hemp acres swell and Louisville facility opens to handle demand

Farm Press Staff Industrial hemp is grown on a research plot at University of Kentucky Spindletop Research Farm in Lexington.   Kentucky has the nation’s largest industrial hemp pilot project, and a new processing plant, which uses hemp and other agricultural feedstocks, is slated to open in Louisville to meet growing demand. “This new facility […]

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Permaculture and Cannabis

By: Scott Pearse | Photographs: Cyril Guthridge   First off, a lot of you may be wondering, what is permaculture? Cyril Guthridge of Waterdog Herb Farm defines permaculture as “designing a natural system that is going to take care of and feed itself over the long haul.” It’s a term that has recently gained a […]

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